Jujutsu Kaisen 253 Preview And Spoilers

Next Jujutsu Kaisen Chap Previews:

“Itadori and Jujutsu Tech slowly corner Sukuna but…”

“Special grade battle is getting expanded!!”

“Defeat the invincible monster!!”

Maki Stabbing Sukuna as color page for Jujutsu Kaisen 253
image 3
image 1
image 2
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The narrator says, “After Gojos’s death, Kashimo, Higuruma & Yuta entertained Sukuna with their gem-like talents in Jujutsu. But Sukuna desired to face Maki the most, the one who threw away her Jujutsu with Heavenly Restrictions. The King of Curses was excited about this reality”

We will update the new chapter soon.

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